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Stressed? ... Overwhelmed? ... Scared? ...

I get it. That was me. 

I was drowning in six figures of debt and I couldn’t see a way out. 

Spoiler alert – I found a way out. I became debt-free. 

And so will you. 

I’ll help you. And so will these free debt snowball worksheets.

Grab these FREE worksheets for a DEBT-FREE future!

What is the debt snowball method?

The debt snowball method is a systematic way to prioritize and pay off your debt. Here are the steps to pay off debt fast with the debt snowball method:

How do I start my debt snowball?

These worksheets make it simple to start your debt snowball. They will help you go from buried in debt to flying debt-free high!

Debt-Free Future with Debt Snowball Worksheets

Worksheet 1

Prioritize your debt

This worksheet helps you organize ALL your debts and prioritize them from smallest to largest balance.

Worksheet 2

Track your debt pay off

This is the perfect way to visualize your debt payoff progress. They snowball charts are so beautiful you can hang them on your fridge! Print as many as your want. Only 2 debts? – print 2. 16 debts? – print 16.

Worksheet 3

Record your debt payments

Stay organized all year long by recording your debt payments. There is space to list your minimum payment, snowball payment, and remaining balance each month for each debt!

Worksheets include a debt snowball example

You aren’t going to have to spend hours trying to figure out how to fill in these worksheets. Each worksheet comes with instructions and an example. Easy-peasy!

What is included in the debt snowball package?

You’ll get three worksheets over the course of three days (for free!).

When you enter your email address, you will immediately get an email with your first worksheet. Spend a day to fill out it out because the next day you’ll get another email with the second worksheet. And you guessed it – the third day you’ll get a third email and worksheet.

You will also be signed up for the Funding Cloud Nine newsletter in which you will get tips and tricks to help you throughout your debt-free journey. 

You deserve to be debt-free. Get started paying off your debt today!